10 Things For Which I Never Thanked My Brother Enough

Dear Brother, I know, I’ve troubled you a lot, from ”fighting for toys during childhood to ‘Who will get the last slice of Pizza”? we both grew up. We both have witnessed toughest times of our lives and yet stayed together. They say, a brother is a replica of Father, responsible, caring and a watchful protector. Though many a times, I’ve given you sleepless nights, made you angry, made you laugh till your stomach hurt, nevertheless you’ve loved me enough to tolerate all my childish tantrums. There are countless reasons for which I never thanked you enough. Here they are:

1. For your immense support

What good a brother is, if he doesn’t care to speak in defense of his little sister? You stood by me when everyone else seemed to disappear. It was you, who encouraged me to pursue my dreams when nobody else believed in me. Back in childhood, you helped me innumerable times from being scolded by Dad or Mom, doing my homework while I played cheerfully.

2. Through thick and thin

Blood relations actually mean something and you proved it meticulously. When siblings these days fight over property disputes, thrust dominance on one another and make other petty issues, you always shared everything with me, with all your heart and love, simply because you cared. I had given you so many reasons to leave and yet you chose to stay. After every argument, you kept your ego aside and initiated to resolve the matter. For all my mischief making, parents always held you responsible, saying ‘She is still young, at least you should have shown some maturity”. Sorry bro!

3. Partners in Crime, indeed we are

You had a huge part in any reckless plan of mine that was too dumb to believe. (P.S. after convincing you for hours, haha evil laugh). Be it smoking or drinking for the first time without getting caught by anyone or hiding secrets from parents and keeping it safe, we had each other’s back, Didn’t we? Though my ideas sounded stupid, you always listened to it anyway, till the end.

4. Convincing is an art, Bro!

Wide puppy eyes, whopping amount of crocodile tears and a pinch of melodrama and I’m all set to persuade you to do, what I wish you to do for me. “It’s Raksha Bandhan, you ought to give me one nice gift”. When parents refused to agree upon something, push your elder brother in front of them, to make way for you.

5. Inside jokes, that only we understand

Be it imitating our relatives or mocking each other, everything becomes funny when we are together. We don’t judge each other, but we do judge Others, really, really bad. Our sarcasm has reached to such an upgraded level that sometimes even we don’t understand it, but who cares, as long as we are laughing hard, logic doesn’t matter, you know. We just go with the flow of insanity.

6. Brothers are our first male best friends

They know you so well since childhood. Every habit of yours and extreme likes and dislikes. They are the ones with whom you’ve had the most number of hangouts. They’ve seen you driving yourself totally crazy over Shahrukh Khan and cheered you up when you experienced your first heart-break. They’ll do anything just to bring back your infectious smile. They are the first ones to notice any slightest change in your behaviour. Your brother has supported you through ups and downs of your life. He might not show it on the outside but deep down, he cares for you more than anything.

7. Bribe and Share

Though siblings don’t share much things generally, especially “No food touching” and ” Do not trespass, this is my territory, that is yours”, still if you bribe them well enough, they might agree to do anything for you”. *Conditions apply*

8. You touch him and you die

Yup, only I’m allowed to fight with my siblings and no one else. I can curse him, beat him or even hurt him, because he is my brother. The moment someone else starts to pick a fight with him, I might just turn into a giant hulk, you never know. “That’s my secret, I’m always angry”.

9. Learning, is such a boy thing

Your brother has imparted some of his best skills to you and that too in a fun way. Be it teaching you to drive, video games, techniques of playing cricket or how to install a software or downloading pirated movies. Learning was never so amusing before, Thanks, bro!

10. Guardian of the family

The reason why brothers keep nagging about their sisters wearing short dresses or drawing too much attention is that they know what other people might say or think in a certain negative way. They are so well aware of the fact that their sister might be objectified by the bad people which is why they become overprotective at times.

I never really thanked you enough because you deserve more than just a “thanks”. You deserve all the love that you kept showering on me since childhood. You deserve more pranks and temper frenzy from my side, for I know that I’ve distressed and annoyed you a lot but I’ve loved you EVEN MORE. You have always been there for me, when I felt my world crashing down upon me. You’re the first person who gets to know my triumphs and my defeats. I might not be able to express my love for you verbally, but brother, you mean a lot to me and you’ll always be special.
*(Grabs a tissue, starts crying)*