15 Signs that Prove you are a Die hard Food lover

“Joey doesn’t share food” well, neither do many of us. Yep! When it comes to food, there’s no ‘WE’ in that. Every food lover knows how important it is to love all those delicious delicacies and sweet dishes. For normal people, food is merely a substance to survive but for us its something more than just a meal. The taste, the smell and the love for the food is everlasting, for sure. Here are 15 signs that prove that you are a die-hard foodie.

1. No Sharing at all

Of course, how could you share your food with someone else? When you paid and brought it for yourself only. No matter how close a person is to you, you’d still not agree to share your food with others. People would tease you number of times saying “Mummy ne sharing nahi sikhaya kya?” But still you are all that stubborn and won’t mind eating a whole lot of large size pizza by yourself.

Joey doesn't share food

2. Touch my food and you’ll die

Exactly, you don’t like when people pick something from your plate and that too without permission. That’s one of the worst thing anyone can do to you. Sometimes you’ve killed the person doing this, in your mind several times. You are extremely careful of what you put in your platter and even the last and smallest particle of food belongs to you only.

Touch my food and i'll kill you


3. Food for thought:

Whatever may be the occasion or situation is, you just cannot take off your mind from food. As soon as you finish your meal you begin to think what you will have next. Your day starts with a cup of coffee and ends with delicious dessert at night. You are unable to resist the temptation like most of the food lovers.


Food is on my mind


4. Free food, really? wait I’m coming!!

If there’s anything that can make you happy more than your lover’s cute texts is the thought of getting free food. Admit it, once in your lifetime you might have crashed someone’s wedding ceremony or birthday party just because of free food. When you are invited to marriages, you are more curious about the food being served rather than the bride and groom. And, a true food lover will never leave the ceremony until they have tasted all the dishes. Your platter might become full but your stomach still remains empty.

Free food


5. Appetite is strong with this one

Your bank account is null? Okay. Your life is dull? All right. But your stomach is upset? You’d really feel sad for that poor belly! No matter how much you’ve eaten you’d still feel hungry. And by mistake if anyone brings up the topic of sweets and desserts, you would get hungry for sure.

Is it lunchtime yet?


6. Food expert, indeed you are

Often your friends and relatives ask your opinion as to which restaurant or place is good for fine dining. Chances are, you might have visited almost all the cool places in your city which serves the best quality of food. Since you are a food lover, people around you know that your suggestion is as important as the food and the place itself. You know that proper ambiance, lighting and tasty food, it all has to be perfect to get someone in the mood, don’t you?

Food expert


7. Explore all the food chains

When you go to some new city, the first thing you do is to check all the good restaurants and outlets of domino’s and pizza hut. You might even forget to visit the historical places in the city but won’t leave a chance to go and eat at your favourite food court. When you go out with your friends, they let you order the food because even they know your taste in food is as better as the food itself.

Food chains


8. Let my food do the talking

Many of those who love food, makes a mistake of becoming a good cook as well. Yes! That’s right, as much as you love food, you like to prepare the good food as well. From 2 minutes wali Maggie to Palak paneer you can prepare almost everything. Most of the food lovers crave for the taste that can satisfy them. Just for the sake of it, they jump into kitchen to prepare either the worst or the best meal of all time. Cook. Garnish. Eat. That’s your purpose. “My motto is if you want to eat good food, you have to buy the ingredients to prepare a good meal” (P.S.Nightcrawler)

Chef cat cooking


9. Marry me, food

How good would it be to marry your favourite food, so that you can love and eat it simultaneously?  Sounds weird  but a man in America recently got married to pizza and that too with proper rituals and ceremony. Now that’s what I’d call ‘True love’. If only every food lover got the courage to do the same, they’d be complete. If only! *sighs heavily*

Marry me pizza


10. Relationship Status – Eating food

You’ve often wished that someday some guy/girl would propose you by taking you to a good restaurant, offering you Chocolates instead of flowers and then in the end, they’d bend down on their knees, looking into your eyes presenting you large slices of pizza. Just imagine. Well, that’s what we keep doing all day. ‘Imagine’. You’ve often dated yourself by giving yourself a nice treat at a good food outlet but you wish sometimes that somebody else would do all the things which you’ve pictured in your head.

Pizza boyfriend


11. Spending money on food

You don’t buy dresses for yourself because you are too busy spending your money on food. Most of your expenses come from the long bills at restaurants or canteens. You often end up throwing parties for your birthday or for somebody else. You save your money just to spend it on good food. If you see mouth watering dish somewhere, it’s really irresistible for you to hold back yourself and you end up buying it. But that’s okay, you don’t even regret that.

Spending money on food


12. Something to eat, all the time

You keep something to eat with you in your bag or pocket as you are used to getting hungry every now and then. Be it chocolates or chips, you need something to munch on. Water? What’s that? You’d rather have soft or energy drink with you whenever you go out. And then, there are nights when you wake up in the middle of the night only to go straight to fridge to check what’s inside. Midnight cravings? Yup, we know that feel.

Me in 2016


13. Because food is entertainment

You like to watch movies based on food, and you probably might’ve seen ‘Ratatouille’ and ‘Cloudy with a chance of meatballs’ several times already. You like to go places that are famous for food especially. Just to relish your taste buds. You spend your leisure time watching food shows on TV, ‘Khana Khazana’ and ‘Masterchef’ is probably your best pick. Sometimes you Google how to prepare a particular dish or watch it on YouTube. It doesn’t matter if you are a bad cook, you’d still be curious about the preparation and those secret ingredients that are used to make food so finger licking good.

Food is entertainment


14. Posh restaurants or street food?

If you’ve got money, you go to city’s best food place but if you’re broke and hungry you try to make the best of all that little money which you’ve got. The quality of food might not be that good but when you are hungry, anything will do. You don’t mind eating at roadside food junctions. You enjoy street food such as ‘Panipuri’ ‘Bhel’, ‘Pav-Bhaaji’ as much as the other dishes at a posh restaurant. Remember, there’s no bad food only bad taste and choice. Food is food, if it is served and cooked well, it is fine, location hardly matters.

Indian street food


15. Not a word against favourite food

Exactly, you cannot hear a word against your favourite food. What? You don’t like pizza? Well, guess what I don’t like you either. This is how you defend your favourite food. You extend your full support to it, no matter what people tell, you still stand by your choice of food. You can go hours and hours arguing that your taste in food is the best. Those who say they dislike ‘Palak Paneer’ or ‘Butter Chicken’, immediately get away from them. You don’t need that kind of negativity in your life, trust me! Remember folks, never treat anyone like ‘Gajar ka halwa’ when they treat you like ‘Lauki/Tinday Ki sabzi’.

Talk shit about my facourite food and i'll kill you

If you show some of the above mentioned signs, believe me, my friend, you are a true food lover. 🙂 And we’d like to say ‘A happy lover is a food lover ‘. To the kitchen and beyond, Come join the Food side, it has got cookies!!