5 Reasons Why You Should Travel More

To travel is to live. I’d rather travel than to hear about a place a thousand times. I remember when I informed everyone about my traveling plans to Bangalore for higher education and I was asked so many queer questions like ‘Are you not scared?, It’s not safe for a woman to travel alone, is it? What about language problem? How will you manage all these? Though I didn’t feel the urge to answer all of their queries, however I did know one thing, this is my decision and I’ll never regret it.

Travel more

Travelling in groups build strong relationships among your fellow travellers¬† while travelling alone empowers you, teaches you how to be on your own without depending on others for anything. In the beginning, it might get difficult, it might be scary but do not be afraid of the consequences. Trust your intuition and don’t let fear decide your destination. You’ve got so much to do in this one life and your life is not meant to be lived at one place only. Travel as much as you can whether alone or with others but meet new people, visit places and restaurants. Make yourself strong and independent. Here is a list of few reasons why you should travel solo yet not feel alone.

1. Meet new people

When you travel to a complete new place you’ll come across many different people with their experiences. Psychology says meeting new people with the same mindset as yours is rare but brings you closer to the person and you share a good rapport with each other. To meet new people, first you gotta trust them, be friends with people not of your age and make each other comfortable. Stronger the trust, the most stronger will be the relationship. Connect so well with the person on an emotional level that when you leave the place he’ll be the first one to hold you back. That’s the beauty of meeting new people, you share your thoughts and experiences on various aspects of life. Cherish good memories and laugh together, what else do you need to bond with someone?

Meet new people


2. Visit places

See places that you’ve never been to but always wanted to. Don’t wait for anyone else to take you to your favourite place. Pack your bags, book tickets on your own and set off the journey. If you’ll wait for someone to accompany you to travel somewhere you’ll end up waiting forever. Visiting new place and appreciating its beauty, its architecture is beyond imagination. Go to random places, visit a coffee house, meet the locals, pay a visit to city libraries read about their stories and history, that’s how you grow. Make yourself familiar with people and places alike. Visiting a new place at first might seem unpredictably exciting but you know well, all those who wander are not lost. Prepare yourself mentally and emotionally for the situations that you’ll undergo. Don’t be disheartened if things don’t go well like the way you planned it.



3. Food for thought

Every place has its own cuisine. Try new dishes and relish your taste buds. Take pleasure in appreciating the quality of food you’ll be served. Wherever you go, its a sure thing that you’ll get to taste something different every time. You never know, it might help you to develop a strong liking for the place only because of the delicious food you fell in love with. Your sense of taste will be distinct, since, when you try new food from different places it gives you gustation and brief acknowledgement of various types of food. After all, those who love food are the best kind of people, aren’t they? Don’t restrain yourself from trying out new food, it’ll not just nourish you but also help you develop a feeling of pleasure and enjoyment for food.

Travel and food


4. Become independent

When was the last time you did something for yourself from your own money? If you’ve always been dependent on parents and friends alike, well then its the high time to move out of your comfort zone and discover yourself. While travelling you’ll learn many things. You’ll have to be your own best friend, to guide you, if you ever fall down, pick yourself up. If you have intense passion for something, you’ll only need one thing, that’s timing. You start to save money instead of splurging on unimportant things, just in case you might need money in future. You realise that all your life you have to be on your own, helping yourself as and when necessary. You understand your value and learn to apprise it. You’ll start to believe in yourself. If you are headed somewhere alone learn to recognise your potential and include it in self improvement.

Being independent


5. Break the language barriers

Language is not really a barrier, though if you learn few catch phrases before your journey to a new place it will be helpful. Since, English has become a universal language it won’t be much of a problem. Over the time, you might learn new language or at least few words. Don’t be hopeless, learning many languages is an asset but being quiet is golden which only few have really mastered. Speak only when necessary else don’t waste your energy doing all that non stop chit-chat.

Travel to learn

Travelling somewhere won’t be all that bed of roses, you might get stuck, you might run out of money, you might not like the new place in the beginning but stick to the plan. Keep telling yourself that you’ve not come so far only to go back. Write about your travel plans and try your best to execute them. The journey you started must have proper ending else what’s the use of taking all these efforts? A traveller lives a 1000 times and you must not dispirit yourself if things don’t work in your favour. Often the most unplanned things happen to you in the most unexpected ways. If you are not scared while travelling alone, you are not taking a risk and if you are taking a chance then what the hell are you doing?

Expose yourself to new city, the possible loss one can experience is not enjoying enough. That is why, take a risk if you must for the favourable outcome. Explore and allow yourself to sink into new ventures. Irrespective of possible hazards you might encounter on your journey. Keep on going, do not stop until you’ve reached where you wanted to. The experience might quench your thirst for amazement. Bon voyage.