Thursday, January 26, 2017

10 Things For Which I Never Thanked My Brother Enough

Dear Brother, I know, I've troubled you a lot, from ''fighting for toys during childhood to 'Who will get the last slice of Pizza''? we both grew up. We both have witnessed toughest times of our lives and yet stayed together. They say, a brother is a replica of Father, responsible, caring and a watchful protector. Though many a times, I've given you sleepless nights, made you angry, made you laugh till your stomach hurt, nevertheless you've loved me enough to tolerate all my childish tantrums. There are countless reasons for which I never thanked you enough. Here they are:

Sunday, July 17, 2016

8 Things only a True Music Lover can Understand

Sometimes music is the only thing that we need around us. When people fail to understand us, music is our sole escape. There are times when we like listening to songs over and over not because it is catchy or popular but the lyrics expresses our feelings in such a way that we'd never be able to say it in words. That my friend, is the influence of music and it can make your any worst day into a great one. Here we are mentioning a few traits of a true music lover, if you can relate to any of it, you might be one.

My playlist , My songs

We all have one separate playlist of our favourite singer, musician or band in our cell phone. Sometimes all you want to do is to listen to your favourite singer because you like them that much and their songs reaches to your eardrums and then goes straight to your heart. That's the magic of music, you can't escape it's charm.

Repetition mode on and on

Remember the times when we really get addicted to one particular song for days and we keep listening to it for like a thousand times until we get bored of it? Yeah, same here. Sometimes we regret it for making our most favourite song into the most hated song of the year. But when we hear that song after a very long time, we still remember the lyrics by heart. Do we not?

The lyrics speaks for me

Yes, those beautifully penned lyrics are worth dying for. Sometimes when we are unable to express ourselves, we recommend our favourite song to people because lyrics convey our feelings so well which we'll never be able to articulate in the same way.

Nostalgia and memories

Admit it! There are some songs which will make us cry the moment we listen to them. It's like every word of that song hits the very right chord of your heart. Songs will make you remind of your past and the memories attached to them. May be that's why it's hard to delete a song from your playlist simply because its like you are deleting a part of your memory which you cherished for a long time.

There's a song for every mood

Yup, that's right. Doesn't matter, what you are going through in your life right now, there's a song for your mood swings. If you had a breakup with your significant other, Arijt Singh might be a good choice. If you are a party animal, Benny Dayal, Honey Singh and Vishal Dadlani's songs will automatically make you groove to their numbers.

Music has no language

Exactly! A true music lover always has songs of different kinds. Not necessarily from a popular genre, sometimes from the languages that we don't even understand. Yep! Because you should 'feel' the song even if you utter the lyrics wrong the whole time. Who cares, you just have to hum and enjoy the song for as long as you can.


You'll sing no matter what:

It really doesn't matter whether you sing extremely well or not, all that matters is you like the song so other fellow human beings, brace yourself for a live concert. Many of us are merely bathroom singers but there are a few people who actually make music their career as well. Even if we don't sing it well, we will still sing our favourite song on the top of our voice. 

Headphones are lifesavers:

True that! If you see us with our headphones, don't..just don't disturb us at all. We keep headphones with us all the time. Who knows when people would start annoying and then the headphones will be only thing to save us from them. Headphones on and avoid the damn world.

Most of us rely on music every single day. It's like if we don't listen to songs, there will be a void somewhere. Some of our best friends are our favourite songs. FM and music player are our constant partners, we keep switching between them. Some of us listen to music while doing homework or any other work and it doesn't make us feel alone. Before going to bed listen to songs and you'll get a better sleep for sure. Trust me, people will leave you but music won't, ever. It'll always have your back. :)

Friday, July 1, 2016

6 Heart Warming Quotes from the Movie 'If I Stay'

Here are some of the most touching quotes from the movie 'If I Stay' that would get you back on the feels train.

Friday, April 22, 2016

7 Things only a True Cinephile can Relate to

"No, I didn't go to any Film academy. I went to movies." And this is how you'd like to introduce yourself as a movie fanatic. You know you are a Cinephile when the only thing revolves around your mind is, which movie you are going to watch next. A cinephile is an individual who is a fond lover of cinema. You have a soft corner for movies and its various aspects. Other people merely watch movies but you consume it daily like oxygen. Its hard to imagine a life without movies, you just can't accept that. Cinema is like drugs once when you get addicted, there's no going back. Here are a few signs that shows you are a hard-core cinephile.

TGIF (Thank God It's Friday)!!

Yes, well you actually wait for the weekend not just to spend leisure time but for a new movie to hit the theatre near you. What weekend, in pure sense means for you, is a new movie, a new story and a whole new experience. Excitement level also increases as and when you hear good reviews about the movie you had already booked tickets for.

You've got a collection of movies:

That's true. You aren't a true cinephile unless you have got a huge collection of movies. Movies that have been your favourite since you were a kid or teen, may be. You keep this collection so that you can watch them any time you want. You not only enjoy watching movies again and again but you also recommend them to others as well. All your favourite star's movie in CD/DVD or theatre print, no doubt you will have it from anywhere. P.S. 'Jugaad' "Bhai tere paas jitni movie hai, sab pen drive mein daal Dena" because giving blank pen drive to your friend is considered no less than a sin.

Theatre is your second home:

If anyone wants to find you, they'll be knowing theatre is a place you're most likely to be found. INOX, PVR, IMAX they have been your buddies since years now. You don't mind watching movies in single theatre as well, given that ticket prices should be less. And spending money on movies is your birth right because its totally worth it for you. Watching a movie on that big screen, when the sound comes alive and for that three good hours you forget your own life for a while and become a part of character's life. If you've someone to go with that's well and good but most often you go alone for movies. By the way, you are always accompanied by food (Popcorn and Pepsi still costs more than the tickets though).

You never miss a single movie:

Not a chance, I repeat, not a chance that you are going miss any new movie. Weekend is on threshold and you are all geared up to watch a flick, that's how you make your weekend plans. It doesn't matter which movie you'll go for but you have to watch a movie desperately. Even if you are unable to go to the theatre, you'll make sure you watch movie at home whenever you get time. Also you save money to watch movies but so many movies end up making you broke by the end of every month.

You speak fluently in Movie dialogues:

That's right! Who am I? I'm a hard-core cinephile, I set high movie goals for myself. Remember that, I wouldn't recommend you any movie which I wouldn't watch myself. (P.S. Nightcrawler). You often find yourself speaking movie dialogues consciously and unconsciously. And well, it works out in your favour also as it creates impression. To express any emotions, you try to mould dialogues relating to your situation. "I'll recommend you a movie, you can't refuse" (P.S. Godfather).

Let's break the internet:

Whenever you come across a new movie trailer, you share it everywhere on social media be it Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram almost at all places, you'll discuss about the movie. Probably you'll change your DP (display picture) to the official movie poster as well. That's how you show your excitement for upcoming movies.

You've become a movie critic:

This is good, this is worse and THIS IS A MUST WATCH!! You review every movie seriously and with utmost importance. Even your friends ask your opinion first before going for any new movie, whether this movie is worth watching or not. You judge movie in terms of acting, script, dialogues and every minute detail is as important as any other areas of performance.

For others, a movie is just a part of an entertainment source, but for you it's beyond obsession. Film industry is a glamorous world and we all know that, but how much hard work they put while making a movie it's incomprehensible for us as an audience. Its the 'Fan' who like to go to theatre to watch their favourite actors act on screen but it takes a Cinephile to understand nuances of cinema. Addiction to movies, discussing best performances of the present day actors, once you begin talking about movies, then there's no stopping you. Well, that's how we  develop passion for movies. Isn't it? We get high on films and we're proud to call ourselves Cinemaholic. Btw Captain america: Civil war is going to release next month, just a friendly reminder, hope you already know that. ;)

Thursday, February 4, 2016

15 Signs that Prove you are a Die hard Food lover

"Joey doesn't share food" well, neither do many of us. Yep! When it comes to food, there's no 'WE' in that. Every food lover knows how important it is to love all those delicious delicacies and sweet dishes. For normal people, food is merely a substance to survive but for us its something more than just a meal. The taste, the smell and the love for the food is everlasting, for sure. Here are 15 signs that prove that you are a die-hard foodie.

1. No Sharing at all

Of course, how could you share your food with someone else? When you paid and brought it for yourself only. No matter how close a person is to you, you'd still not agree to share your food with others. People would tease you number of times saying "Mummy ne sharing nahi sikhaya kya?" But still you are all that stubborn and won't mind eating a whole lot of large size pizza by yourself.

Joey doesn't share food

Sunday, January 31, 2016

6 Popular Brands that earned the Cult Status

There are brand names that found a place in our hearts and many of us have become loyal fans of these brands. This is because of the wide popularity and influence that they have in our daily lives. It takes a lot more than just making products to win the hearts of customers. Let's have a look at some of the most iconic brand names that are so popular that they're almost synonymous to their products.

1. Nokia

Nokia is known for making the best quality phones that are made to last and tough to break. No wonder, they have been the global leader in mobile phone sales for more than 14 years all along. The name Nokia is widely recognized as the epitome of phones, well tough phones to be specific. Nokia has a huge and loyal fan base which proves their influence and reach into our lives.

Nokia connecting people

Friday, December 11, 2015

5 Taboos that the Society needs to Break-free from

An inhibition or ban resulting from social custom or a prejudice formed in society which 'should' be accepted by one and all is called as taboo. There are certain limitations imposed on both men and women living in a society. But what happens if someone tries to go beyond these restrictions? What if one doesn't give a damn about the barriers put up by society? Will he or she be socially acceptable?

The society which often pretends to act as family is really not genuine, your family will always support you but society might rather judge you for what you are and what you do. The answer to all those questions that constantly haunt you like 'What would people say?" is to have 'Do-not-care-attitude'. One must acquire this attitude while growing up or you'll be in chains throughout your life. Life is not all about tolerating or accommodating yourself to the norms of society. Stop accepting and start questioning. As long as you think what you are doing is morally right, you shouldn't dwell into what others think about it.

The truth is, whatever you do, the society is going to judge you anyway. You don't need to accept things as they are, if change is required then you must bring the change or at least strive to make a difference. The society is actually afraid of change, scared of taking risks, doesn't want to experiment. There are only two kinds of people in this society, the ones who accept and adjust (compromise) themselves according to the society, and the ones that fights for what is right, goes beyond the regulations even if it means standing alone.

Constantly following age-old beliefs and customs would not help a person to grow as an individual, knowledge will also be limited and one might not feel free mentally. Social issues which are quite sensitive such as homosexuality, inter-caste marriage, 'Ban' imposed on certain things, and if one goes against the norms of society, he is considered as a rebel or simply obnoxious. One thing you need to understand is that you are not here to please everyone. Society is made by the people living in it, views and opinions might change every then and now but it doesn't mean you are wrong. After all you have the right to question everything and everyone. Being different or objecting old system of beliefs does not make you a wrong person. Here are few taboos of society regarded almost as violating a law.


Homosexuality (LGBT)

Sexual attraction to a person of the same sex might seem like something very new to our country but it is really not. In ancient times, if you go back and dig into the history, you'd see it was common in those days. The real evidence is sculptures and paintings at Khajuraho temple which has been the perfect epitome for love making influence between the same or opposite sex. Lord Vishnu took the form of 'Mohini' to trick demons while giving elixir of life in Mahabharata. Lord Shiva falls for her, who is nobody else but Lord Vishnu. Later on, both gave birth to heroic son Ayyappa or Hariharaputra. When even Hindu Mythology can accept homosexuality then why can't the society? The fact is that certain people are not ready or willing to accept homosexuality in general, they think of gayness as somewhat disgusting or unusual. So if you are feeling guilty of falling in love with the person of same sex and the 'popular thought' that society will not accept you, it shouldn't bother you because that is solely your decision.

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